2016 National Summit for Courageous Conversation

Reflections of our better selves

9.24 - 9.28 Austin, Texas

A Message from Glenn Singleton

“Daily, we each strive to create the safest space in our classrooms, schools, districts or community-based organizations to negotiate the treacherous terrain of race, with varying degrees of success….”

“[We] set out to build a national network of support with hopes of extending our influence and disrupting the most devastating factor contributing to the diminished capacity of all children… systemic racism. It was our intention that this network… would convene annually to share research, perspectives and practices… and celebrate our most successful strategies being executed in cities across the nation….”

“Educators will be traveling from as far as Western Australia to engage, sustain and deepen interracial dialogue about race and schooling….”

“Only at Summit do courageous educators willingly assemble to tear down the walls of personal and institutional racism and reconstruct an anti-racist learning community that is intellectually challenging, emotionally nourishing and spiritually awakening….”