2016 National Summit for Courageous Conversation

Reflections of our better selves

9.24 - 9.28 Austin, Texas

A Latino Forum

Race is a topic that creates extraordinary divisiveness for Latinos in the United States. There are divergent ideologies not only about its existence, but also the importance of race, how “race” is defined, and the impact and implications of race in the Latino community.

Racial identity among Latinos, the largest and fastest-growing group of color in this country, is complicated by the intensely political intersections of language (Spanish, English, and bilingualism) and race (Indigenous, African and European racial ancestry), all of which have a significant impact on how Brown children are educated in this country. White, Black, and Brown-skinned Latinos and all others across the broad spectrum of the Latin American community have a choice: To unite as leaders for racial equity, continue to engage in intragroup conflict, or join the White American majority in its “colorblind” stand. The choices made today will determine how race is dealt with for generations to come.

The Summit “Brown Space” is a structured, facilitated place for Latinos to safely come together in racial affinity to engage, sustain, and deepen their understanding of the impact of race on the schooling of Brown children. Here, educators will share multiple racial perspectives and explore the layers of language and immigration politics, together crafting a powerful voice and position on anti-racist educational leadership.