2016 National Summit for Courageous Conversation

Reflections of our better selves

9.24 - 9.28 Austin, Texas

  • In 2010, a study released by the Council of the Great City Schools stated that by fourth grade, only 12% of Black male students read at or above grade level, while 38% of White males do. By eighth grade, the numbers fall to 9% for Black males, and 33% for Whites.
  • The Alliance for Excellent Education recently reported that barely half of African-American and Latino students graduate from high school, with Latinos graduating at 56% and African-Americans at 54%, as compared to their White counterparts at 77%.
  • National Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores have revealed that low-income White students consistently outperform middle and upper income Black and Latino students.

The statistics are stark and revealing, and our task as educators is undeniable: We must continue to engage in honest, unapologetic conversations about racial disparities in education and effective ways in which to unlock the untapped potential of children of color.